Vendor Advisory Services

Are you nervous about selling your home? Contact Sharp Property Buyers today. Sharp Property Buyers is a team of leading vendor advocates who provide excellent services in Australia. We give you the truth about the actual value of your home. The team of our dedicated vendor advocates has many years of hands-on experience in the relevant field. We assist our clients to maximize the selling price by providing unbiased advice. We ensure you that the benefits our services outweigh the cost of the fee charged by us. We are 100% negotiable and trusted. You can get tailored made services from our experienced team members.


Sharp Property Buyers is the best platform for selling your home

Sharp Property Buyers is a trusted platform verified by many licensing agencies including REIV, REINSW, REIQ, and PIPA. We work in partnership with many home appraisal officers, brokers, mortgage officers, trustees, executors, and lawyers. Our experienced vendor advocates give objectivity to your sales. We make sure that your instructions are carried out all time and we care about our clients. We understand the needs of clients and save their time. Save your money and fix an appointment with our professional vendor advocates.

Contact us today to get a team of experienced vendor advocates to meet your goals

Our qualities:

  • We eliminate the stress of time and money
  • We are affordable and professional
  • High success rate even with the difficult to sell properties
  • Smooth communication is our power
  • Arrange face-to-face meetings to inform you about the best selling options
  • Guide about the proven selling method
  • We are transparent and deliver commitments on time
  • Provide auction bidding service

Help you to achieve your goals


Our vendor advisory services:

Our expert vendor advocates arrange the independent valuation of your property, interview the best real estate agents, review the market value, analyze the commission, and design a strategy that works for you.

  • Get a free consultation:

We provide a free consultation to show our credible services

  • Establish our authority:

We define our authority to act as your trusted vendor advocate

  • Evaluation of the property:

We evaluate your property and determine the right market value

  • Add value to your property:

We give valuable suggestions to increase the value of property

  • Exclusive research:

We do comprehensive research about the current market growth rate, risk management, ROI, and suburbs

  • Allot the best vendor advocate:

We determine the best vendor advocate for your home

  • Meet your expectations:

We assure you that our vendor advocate provides excellent services by meeting your goals

  • Secure your sale:

Our vendor advocates assist you in the negotiation process to secure the sale of your home

Vendor Advisory Services 1

Settlement support:

We also deal with all kind of post-sale issues

Visit our website to get complete information about our services. Contact us today by a phone call on 0403 655 402 or send us an email on For further queries leave a message on our website.