Beachside Holiday Home

Beachside holiday

In their quest for a fresh start, the family set their sights on a home within walking distance of the beach on the Central Coast. They sought the relaxed vibes of coastal living, envisioning days spent by the water. At the same time, the prospect of resort-style living added an extra layer of appeal, promising a balanced lifestyle that catered to their needs.

The Property Purchased:

Situated near the soothing waves of MacMasters Beach, this 5-bedroom resort-style abode perfectly captured our clients’ wishes. With the inclusion of a pool, a serene bush vista, and easy beach accessibility, it embodied their idyllic coastal getaway. It’s a testament to our ability to identify opportunities that harmonise with our client’s goals.

Time from Engagement to Purchase:

In just 3 months, we transformed their dreams into reality. With expertise and a strong network, we navigated real estate adeptly, resulting in a property that encapsulated their coastal aspirations.

Property News & Tips

I want to make sure my clients are buying the best possible property available for them.

Matt Sharp - Director

The extensive history of successful property acquisitions and investments we’ve facilitated speaks volumes about our prowess. Our track record showcases a consistent pattern of achievements that underscore our ability to turn clients’ dreams into reality.

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