Central Coast Downsizing Success

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Central Coast Downsizers

A Central Coast local husband and wife, approaching retirement age with adult children, were looking to downsize and find their forever home. Their journey led them to Sharp Property Buyers, where their dreams were turned into reality.

Property Purchased:

After an extensive search, an excellent opportunity presented itself off-market. They secured a charming 3-bedroom single-level duplex in the heart of Erina. The property boasted a convenient location, within walking distance to public transport and major amenities, fulfilling their desire for a comfortable and accessible lifestyle.

Time From Engagement To Purchase:

With the guidance and expertise of Sharp Property Buyers, the couple swiftly transitioned from engagement to purchase in just three weeks. Their diligent efforts and proactive approach ensured a smooth and efficient process throughout.

The Central Coast couple’s downsizing dreams were successfully realised through their collaboration with Sharp Property Buyers. By leveraging their local knowledge and connections, the team efficiently identified and secured the ideal property that met their specific criteria. With their new home in Erina, the couple can now look forward to enjoying a fulfilling and comfortable retirement in a location that truly feels like their forever home.

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Matt Sharp - Director

The extensive history of successful property acquisitions and investments we’ve facilitated speaks volumes about our prowess. Our track record showcases a consistent pattern of achievements that underscore our ability to turn clients’ dreams into reality.

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