Let Me Introduce Podcast With Craig Fisher

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In November last year, Matt was lucky enough to join Craig Fisher on the Let Me Introduce podcast. Craig is a real estate specialist who works at the real estate agency Di Jones Central Coast, NSW. Craig and his team help families buy & sell properties right across the Central Coast.

Matt joined the podcast to discuss starting a new career as a buyers agent, the Central Coast market, and his process to helping clients purchase property.

How To Leverage Your Skills Into A New Career

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 3

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On this episode of the Buyers Agent Institute Show with Ben Handler back in 2020, Matt shared how he has leveraged his life skills and injected them into his new business after playing sport, being an active property investor and working corporate.

In addition, Matt shared the reason why he pursued this business, the challenges he encountered being a Buyer’s Agent, the importance of investing in yourself, and his great plans for 2020.

Lifestyle By Design Podcast: Taking the Leap From Corporate

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Last week, Matt featured on Lifestyle By Design, a new podcast hosted by Ben Handler for Smart Property Investment, which delves into the challenges and opportunities of turning property into a fun, rewarding, and flexible career.

In the episode, Matt shares his apprehensions and excitement at tackling a new career opportunity after an extended stint in the corporate sector – and reveals the importance of not only learning from all-star agents who are out there but also striking up strong relationships with them.

Matt also shares his perspective on the region’s market, details what he expects from buyers and sellers in 2022, lifts the lid on taking a “long-term view”, and shares some background into his business’ team-based strategy.

Our House Podcast: Information & Observation About Real Estate Across the Nation

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In August 2020, Matt, along with Central Coast radio duo Steve Allan and Rod Amos, kicked off the Our House Podcast. A podcast dedicated to providing the latest information, analysis and education about real estate, both locally on the Central Coast, and nationally.

Since then, the boys have hosted 21 episodes touching on a variety of trending property topics and featuring an array of interesting and popular guests.

Podcast Highlights

In episode 18, Kyal Demmrich – a former winner of The Block, joined the guys to discuss renovating for profit, as he and his superstar partner Kara have been involved in 35 renovation projects since they starred on the block.

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 6

In episode 15, the guys were lucky enough to be joined by Central Coast radio legend Sarah King. Sarah joined the podcast to chat about her new role in real estate as well as share some of her great stories.

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 7

In episode 13, former star NRL and Newcastle Knights halfback Matthew ‘Rocket’ Rodwell provided valuable insight into his property tips and experiences in the Newcastle, Perth, Sydney and Central Coast markets.

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 8

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Australian Property Investment Podcast: The Popularity of the Central Coast for Investors and Sea Changers

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 9

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What’s the difference between having a buyers agent that isn’t a local in the area you’re looking at versus someone who is? Purchasing a property is a big decision to make and we don’t want to loosely make decisions without knowing all the details about the property and, of course, its location.

In this episode, Matt joined the Australian Property Investment Podcast to share the benefits of having a buyers’ agent who knows the ins and outs of the area you’re investing in.

Tune in to hear about gentrification, off-market properties, tips for investing and so much more.

Property Investory Podcast: How $100 a Week Bought Me My First Property

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Matt recently featured on the Property Investory podcast to discuss how he got started in the property industry, and what’s on the horizon.

In the episode we hear about Matt’s passion for the Central Coast and how no matter where he roams, the waves bring him right back home. He shares his idyllic childhood and the NRL dreams he entertained before landing in the corporate world, which opened his eyes to an entirely different way of life. We’ll also hear how rugby league influenced the way he runs his business now, and the family investment he spearheaded from a young age, catapulting him into the career of his dreams.

Geared For Growth Podcast: What Should You Buy? Houses Vs Units

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Last year, Matt joined Mike Mortlock on the Geared For Growth podcast to tackle the age old question; should you buy a house or a unit?

Using a Ferrari/Toyota metaphor, Mike and Matt talk to the value proposition and yield analysis of investing in stand-alone dwellings over apartments. Taking into account the affordability factor, and looking at the historic returns of each asset class, Matt reveals his three critical elements to consider when determining where to invest.

While there may not be a one size fits all solution, this episode highlights the various scenarios and the reasons behind each investment. Before you take the next step in building your property portfolio, you need to tune in to this conversation.

Central Coast suburbs predicted to grow in 2022

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 12

A hop, skip and a jump away from Sydney’s record-breaking housing market, which Central Coast suburbs are set to be hot property in 2022?

Australia’s booming property market has stretched beyond capital cities with regions including the Central Coast experiencing a surge in property demand.

The desire to maximise the new working from home norm and take advantage of premium lifestyle offerings has spurred many Sydney residents to reconsider their living options.

Growth across the the region has pushed house prices across 14 Central Coast suburbs to rise in some cases by more than $500,000, joining the million-dollar median club according to CoreLogic data published in June.


North Avoca












St Huberts Island



Forresters Beach









Empire Bay






Green Point



Shelly Beach



Avoca Beach (units)






Founder and director of Sharp Property Buyers Matt Sharp said around 80% of the buyer market is coming from out of area, with the majority coming from Sydney.

“A lot of buyers are coming from Sydney, seeking lifestyle changes,” Mr Sharp told Savings.com.au.

“Because of the working from home factor, the Central Coast offers a very viable and attractive option.

“The reasons for that are obviously price, we are well-priced in comparison to the Sydney market, but not only that we have some really good amenities up here, world-class restaurants and cafes.

“In the past the objection for people not wanting to move to the Central Coast was because they would have to spend a lot of time commuting to the city, especially for those higher paying jobs.

“Given they are now working from home, that’s no longer an issue for people and the Central Coast has become a genuine option, for both middle class and upper class income earners.”

With 2022 within arm’s reach, what does Central Coast’s property market have in store over the next year? We dived in with the experts to discover which Central Coast suburbs are tipped to grow in 2022.

This article was originally published by Jacob Cocciolone on https://www.savings.com.au/news/central-coast-suburbs-predicted-to-grow-in-2022 

Pizza & Property Podcast: Ep 101 Should I be Rent-Vesting?

Geared For Growth Podcast: Central Coast Property Market Trends & Opportunities 13


If you’ve never heard the term “Rent-Vesting” essentially it means to rent where you live and rent out the property or properties you own. Lately we have been hearing more and more people talk about rentvesting and how to know if it’s right for them.

This episode we speak with property investor, buyers agent and all around legend on the central coast Matt Sharp about the questions you should be asking yourself to help figure out if you should be walking down the rentvesting path or steering well clear of it.

We talk about with Matt:

– Understanding what’s actually important to you in a home

– How rentvesting can potentially enable you to live in a home your current budget would never allow you to afford

– How rentvesting can translate into more money over the long term if done correctly

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