The Central Coast’s 5 Best Beachside Suburbs For Families

Sydney Coastal Paradise for Families

The Central Coast’s Five Best Beachside Suburbs For Families

The Central Coast is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, a haven for families seeking the perfect blend of coastal living and urban convenience. If you’re on the lookout for a family-friendly beachside suburb, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog, we’ll unveil the top five beachside suburbs that offer proximity to stunning beaches, vibrant cafes, excellent schools, shops and a welcoming community.

  1. Wamberal

Nestled along the stunning Central Coast shoreline, Wamberal offers a serene coastal lifestyle that families adore. One of its standout features is its close proximity to the vibrant and bustling suburb of Terrigal, making it a perfect choice for families who appreciate coastal tranquillity while having easy access to a lively neighbouring area. There are local cafes, restaurants and shops in Wamberal which cater to residents and visitors alike, however the suburb’s charm lies in its laid-back coastal character. For families with school-age children, Wamberal is home to a large primary school and several pre-schools and Day Care Centres. Neighbouring suburbs are home to the high schools. It also boasts a number of children’s playgrounds throughout the suburb.

  1. Terrigal

Terrigal is the jewel of the Central Coast, known for its pristine beach and vibrant atmosphere. When people hear the words “Central Coast” they often associate it with Terrigal. Families flock to this suburb for its stunning calm coastline, the perfect spot for families for swimming. It should be noted however that Terrigal offers more than just sun and surf. Its bustling esplanade is lined with cafes, bars, restaurants, a hotel and boutique shops, making it a favourite for locals and visitors alike. The community here is warm and welcoming, with regular events and markets that encourage neighbourly connections and a bustling surf club. Terrigal is also home to large, highly regarded primary and secondary schools. There are also several Pre-Schools, Day Care Centres and Family Day Care Services in the suburb. Terrigal is also home to a number of children’s playgrounds throughout the suburb, including our favourite, the Parklife Coffee and Rotary Park playground, a fully fenced playground with a café.

  1. Toowoon Bay

Toowoon Bay is a hidden gem on the Central Coast known for its stunning beach. It offers a unique blend of coastal bliss and a tranquil atmosphere, making it an excellent choice for families seeking a peaceful beachside haven. It is easily one of the most family friendly beaches on the Central Coast, with calm waters and a fantastic playground with BBQ and picnic facilities nearby. Although Toowoon Bay is only home to a small set of shops and cafés, nearby suburbs like Long Jetty and The Entrance and even Terrigal offer a range of cafes and shops for your convenience. For families with pre-school and school-age children, quality education options can be found in neighbouring suburbs.

  1. Avoca Beach

Avoca Beach is a laid-back suburb that exudes charm and tranquillity. The beach here is a paradise for families, with both calm waters in the corner (thanks to a rockpool) and a great surfing break at the northern end. There is also an off-leash dog area of the beach. The suburb is dotted with family-friendly cafes and shops, creating a relaxed coastal vibe. The tight-knit community organises local events, including a well-known monthly market, and has an excellent surf lifesaving club, all of which foster a sense of togetherness. For families with school-age children, Avoca Beach Public School is a small school that offers an excellent educational foundation and the neighbouring suburbs of Terrigal and Kincumber are where you will find the High Schools that Avoca Beach feeds into. Avoca Beach is also home to a pre-school and several Family Day Care Services. Just like Terrigal and Wamberal, there are a number of parks dotted throughout Avoca Beach. Our favourite is Ross Park, a fully fenced playground located behind the surf club.

  1. Copacabana

Copacabana is a haven for families seeking a perfect blend of tranquillity and convenience. Renowned for its breathtaking beach, Copacabana offers a serene coastal lifestyle for families. While it may only have a smaller set of shops and cafes, its proximity to neighbouring areas like Avoca Beach and Kincumber, ensures easy access to a diverse range of conveniences. For families with school-age children, both Copacabana Public School and Avoca Beach Public School are small schools that have fantastic reputations. There are a number of daycare centres and pre-schools in neighbouring suburbs. A noteworthy mention, Copacabana is home to the best bakery on the Central Coast, Burnt Honey. With its laid-back vibe, Copacabana seamlessly fits into the narrative of the Central Coast’s best beachside suburbs, providing yet another fantastic option for families in search of their dream home by the sea.


The Central Coast’s best beachside suburbs for families offer a delightful mix of sun, sea, cafes, schools and a strong sense of community. Explore these coastal havens and discover the perfect place to call home for your family. Contact our experienced team today and let us help you find your ideal family home on the Central Coast. Your dream family home awaits – get in touch with the Central Coast’s most highly rated buyers agent team.

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